How Effective Is The Ancient Japanese Sai Weapon?

If you are familiar with martial arts weapons, you would definitely know about the sai weapon. It is one of the oldest and ancient Japanese weapons that was used in Okinawa.

At present, this historical weapon is also used in many movies. It can also be used as a wall hanging for decoration purposes. It is very much similar to a dagger, but it does not have a pointed and sharp edge. 

Origin and History of Sai Weapon

According to history, this incredible ancient weapon is considered a Japanese weapon. But, in reality, it was initially used in different Asian countries before it reached Okinawa, Japan.

First, it was used by the people of India, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Some people also said that it originated in India. Hence, the exact place of its origin is still unknown. 

When the Japanese Sai Weapon reached Okinawa, it was used by domestic police. But, the different methods were then developed in 1668. The structure of Sai is similar to a dagger. It has a long blade, but it is not very sharp along with pointed handguards.

The basic purpose of this weapon is to arrest criminals. It is said to be more of a stick than a knife. 

This weapon was also known as one of the common Ninja weapons. It is a multi-purpose weapon equally useful for protection, attacking, and punching as well.

The famous Ninja weapon is also known as Ninja Sai. It is also known by the name of Raphael weapon. As the Ninja turtle, ‘Raphael’ carries the sai swords,so it becomes famous with this name. 

Weapon Material

Usually, this weapon is made up of metal. The sai bladeshave a circular cross-section and sometimes, it can also be beheaded. The edge point is not sharp but normally very blunt. The handle is covered with a cord or leather to provide a firm grip.

It is better if a trained gunsmith makes this weapon, but its construction is not so difficult and any blacksmith can easily make it. 

Uses of Sai

If you are a fan of action movies, you have watched a pair of Sai in almost every movie. This weapon is often used in pairs. Using only one Sai is not ideal and also not effective.

On the other hand, using both as a pair requires proper knowledge and training. Once you get a master’s in using it, you can deliver tough blows using them.

It can also be used for self-defense. You can hold it with a sword in between your hands and attack your opponent for your protection. Sai weapon is also an amazing offensive weapon. It is used mostly by police officers to arrest criminals.

It is not used to injure or harm but to make them unable to resist. As there are various ways of using Sai, so different techniques and body movements are required for using them.

Effectiveness of Sai Weapon in Modern World

As we all know that it was an effective weapon in ancient times. But nowadays, this weapon is not very effective because of the advent of modern ones.

Modern weapons can perform the same task without even risking the lives of military persons. Some people also think that it was also not that effective in the older times as it requires intense training and skills to use it properly.

At that time, it was considered an efficient defensive weapon. In today’s world, it is no doubt that can be used for wall decoration as well. Some collectors also like to collect them as an incredible historical piece of art.

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Winding Up

It is no doubt that sai is an impressive weapon best for protection, attacking, and punching as well. Many online stores are offering sai weapons for saleand you can buy them and enjoy your experience.

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